365 Photo project completed

Today I completed my first 365 photo project – natural world.  One photograph, taken each day for a full year, with a natural world theme or connection.  The commentary became too predictable to post weekly, and I dropped it off after a couple of months so as not to bore everyone.  However, the process of seeing and finding images in the every-day proved to be interesting and challenging throughout the project.

The lessons were often the same week to week, there wasn’t the need for ‘big scenes’ in order to find an interesting image.  Some of the images I found interesting related specifically to the theme and seeing how I could develop that out, especially living and working in basically an urban environment.  It made me look for the little touches of nature, or see the irony of where nature didn’t really exsit in its natural form.  Interesting stuff.

I hope to pick out a few of my favourite images and feature them on the blog and also investigate what printed form my collection could now take.  Most the images were shot on an IPhone so their quality is not as high, but they should still print up in small format somehow.

My final 365 project image from the series, and the only selfie in the set!

All 365 images can be found here on my Flickr account.

What’s next?

Not one to quit while I am ahead, I have now decided to do a second project, which I will start tomorrow, 365 Photo Project – Travel Edition!!

I am excited to keep going, and develop the concept of taking an image daily a little bit further and extend it into the next phase of my adventures in life.

This project will be more of a documentary style, and will take you on the journey over the next year as I move location, travel and explore the world.  I have a few destinations planned already, and others, well I am sure they will pop-up along the next 12 months.

This year I will be aiming to put travel at the heart of my adventures, and I hope to capture that with the images and the project.

So, if I didn’t lose you on the first round, then stay tuned for the second 🙂



365 Project – 100 to go!

Last Friday, I posted image 265, which means that there are now only 100 images left to go to complete the project, so around 3 1/2 months left to complete.  This was yet another milestone in this project, which has now seen me capture images in three seasons and now I am heading into the summer months.

Flickr Day 265
I love that the project makes me ‘think outside the square’


As well as seasonal changes, I also had the opportunity to add another part of Australia to this portfolio of images, recently coming back from a 10 day trip to the Victorian High Country.  NSW, Victoria and SA will likely be the only states of Australia that feature in this portfolio (as well as a little bit of NZ and some of India earlier in the year), it is nice to have a bit of variety of landscape based on different locations.

I’m still enjoying the project, still keen for the challenge of seeing a full year of images.  I have started to think about what to do with them all at the end.  Perhaps a “mini-book”.  I will have to keep thinking on that front.

Some of my favourites have been unexpected and I look forward to going through them all and coming up with a new project idea, inspired by the 365 project (always thinking ahead she is!).

In the meantime, I keep all my images on my Flickr account, which you can dip into at any time to see my progress.


365 Photo project – Half-way mark

Today, I posted Photo 183, which in my calculation, takes me just over the half-way mark of the photo challenge.  Two seasons, Autumn and Winter have passed, with the challenge now entering Spring, which I am hoping will be a great season for the natural world theme to continue.  When I look at all my images, together in a collection, it is not apparent that there is a particular theme, other than the one I have placed on myself.  There is definitely a lean towards coastal images, but my location and love of photographing at the ocean mean this was pretty much a given.

I have tried to be a little creative when it comes to images in a city environment, which is mostly where I find myself during the working week, always trying to look for the little details of nature, or the natural world.  Some days it has been a challenge and I have literally taken one photograph, other days I have resorted to images taken on my commute, from the top of the double-decker bus, or my back-garden, but mostly I have stretched to find new subjects, or show repeated subjects in different light, angles or observations.

I definitely had a bit of a focus on waves a few months back, but with an un-seasonally dry and calm winter, the waves have been somewhat limited over the winter months. I still photographed them, every weekend when I could, sometimes just with my phone and other times with the camera.  In fact my half-way mark today is a wave photograph, despite a very small swell, and standing on a cliff-top, I surprised myself with some images that I quite liked, helping to show me that moving beyond the obvious can sometimes reap rewards.

I am now really looking forward to the spring season of the 365 project, one which will take me over to another state for a few images and I will check back in again when we roll into summer.

I keep all my images on my Flickr account, which you can dip into at any time to see my progress.

Manly Beach, NSW, Wave from the clifftop

365 photo project challenge continues

In case you were wondering, I have been working away at the 365 photo challenge since my last post.  I decided that the weekly blog posts, were getting a bit similar in content and to be fair, there was only really so much I could say about taking a photograph every day.

The challenge has remained mostly the same.  My focus and motivation have dropped off a bit to be honest, but that’s the time I feel to dig in for the bigger picture goal.

I wanted to do the challenge, to keep photography in the forefront of my mind on a daily basis.  At the moment, I am not able to spend as much time as I would like with the camera, with work and writing commitments, so it is a good way to keep me thinking about it, about composing images, about seeing different things, about moving my focus from the abstract to the wider landscapes and discovering along the way, what I like (and don’t like or feel inspired to photograph).

I reached my 100 photo milestone on 18th June and celebrated with a local shot, from my local street, that I walk down most days.  I get a sense that for a 365 project, you really are forced into discovering your own “back-yard” because the time and money do not allow you to visit new and exotic locations every-day.  Everything from the local bush-turkeys that ramble up the pavements to the striking green plant (I must find out what type of plant it is) that looks amazing in abstract, black and white, with raindrops and close-up and always causes me to stop, pause and take a look at the way the light is showcasing it on any given day.

I remember back to one of my original inspirations for doing this project.  The “That Tree” project, the photographer capturing the same tree, for 365 days, across different seasons, different angles and different daily emotions.  I wonder how they kept motivated.  I at least can default to the flowers, the ocean and the wonders of plants for a bit of variety across the week.

Stay with me if you wish, the photographs can all be viewed from my Flick account, if you wanted to see the full set.  Nearing the 1/3 of the way through the project, which will be Monday’s image!  That’s a pretty good achievement already, but I am in for the long-haul.

365 Project – Week 12 – 3 month mark

Today, I have made it to the three month mark, of the 365 project – which is a quarter of the way through the year!   I am pretty impressed that I have kept it up and the good  news is, that it has definitely increased my motivation and it continues to inspire me to keep finding new images.  The weather has shifted from autumn to winter conditions, so while a few autumn photos remain, the sense is that the next few months will be a little different in their mood and feeling with the changing season. 

What has worked well this week

Capturing the different times of day has been an area I have tried to consider this week.  I tend to take my images in the morning, just because I know I have a small amount of time to ‘look’ on my commute, but occasionally something will capture my eye during the day or in the evening, and so I have tried to make my selection of a final image of the day, include that variety as much as possible.  I even managed a ‘drive-by rainbow’ this week, which is something I wouldn’t have attempted 3 months ago 🙂

What were the photos I took this week
I keep all my images on my Flickr account, which you can dip into at any time to see my progress.

 What was my favourite image of the week and why?

As anyone following my photography journey would know, I am currently working on a bit of a side-project at the moment, called the ‘Story of Waves’.  At the moment, I am in the research and education phase and so I am trying to get out once a week, with the camera, to learn what I want my project to be, and to just generally be excited, amazed and inspired by the waves.  On each shoot, I find that there are things that capture my attention which are sometimes a little out-side of the topic.  So, today’s image, of some young teenagers, enjoying the rock-pool in the high winds and fantastic wave conditions, takes the image of the week!

365 Project – Week 11

This week has been a great one, as I managed to fit in a sunrise shoot, on a day-off from work.  So much inspiration, morning light, crashing waves and plenty of beach and water details to enjoy and capture.  It was followed by a fantastic egg and bacon roll and a cappuccino at a beach-front café.  Win, win indeed!

What has worked well this week

This week I decided to challenge myself to a particular ‘style’ for my weekly photographs.  I think I mentioned I am enjoying the detail in photography and especially using an IPhone predominantly, it enables you to get a bit closer to the subject matter without being too obvious. This is aside from the strange looks I get shooting the bark on a tree on the way to work, from fellow commuters.

I found a set of IPhone ‘lenses’ which I bought from a market last year, one of which is a macro style and the focus of the week has been the macro detail.  It has been a bit of trial and error and they are not all masterpieces but it has been great fun.

What were the photos I took this week

I keep all my images on my Flickr account, which you can dip into at any time to see my progress.

 What was my favourite image of the week and why?

The detail and macro focus has definitely continued to draw me to plants and parts of plants.  While this could have been better on the focus, the colours, patterns and textures of this leaf was my favourite of the week.  I noticed the patterns a lot more when you hone in on the detail.  It’s almost a pity autumn is disappearing, the leaves and flowers have been pretty spectacular this year – I will miss seeing them on my walks to the bus-stop.  Bring on the winter frosts instead!

365 Project – Week 10

In addition to the photo project this week, I also attended a photography presentation at the local RSL, which includes image viewing and also looking at images from an artist, talking about the images.  It was an interesting night and one that I hope to do again.  The image presentation was on Antarctica, somewhere I would very much like to visit one day.

What has worked well this week

This week I have tried to keep an eye on ensuring I capture a variety of images during the week.  I have probably said this before and possibly also said that it is definitely getting more challenging, with the same routes, but I am continuing to find different things. From the hurried stride of a bush turkey across a quiet beach road, to the drive-by views from the morning bus commute.  I am certainly going to have a bit of a flavour of ‘where I live’ and ‘where I work’ at the end of this project.

I am excited to have finished my 10th week now, so 70 images are in the bag – there are less than 300 images to still be seen, imagined and captured.  Motivation for photography in general is at an all time high – I think this project is really helping in that area.

What were the photos I took this week I keep all my images on my Flickr account, which you can dip into at any time to see my progress.

What was my favourite image of the week and why?

Even though I had an epic weekend last week, at the beach with waves, light and such an enjoyable few hours of shooting, the favourite image for this week is one I saw, when standing and waiting for the lights one morning on the way to work.  Same place I stand every morning, contemplating the traffic and the stupid commuters risking getting run over by beating the lights.  This morning I was distracted by one of my favourite photographic effects, reflections.  Having eyes wide open for the beauty and the natural environment connection in the big city.

365 Project – Week 9

365 Project – Week 9

The seasons have changed this week here in Sydney, so the weather will become more of a factor in capturing my daily images, as well as the time of day I take them.  I thought about that a bit this weekend.  I captured my Saturday shot in the afternoon, into the evening, while my Sunday shot was on a morning walk.  I have really seen the benefit on using different times of the day to get different light and see things differently.  That and the fact that it is currently pouring with rain and dreary grey, so my timing actually worked out today.

Its going to be interesting to see how the change of seasons impacts on the images that I come up with.  

What has worked well this week

Pushing the boundaries, and keeping the ideas flowing has continued and even escalated as I have gone into the weekend.  I have found the regularity of this task is really keeping me connected, enjoying my photography but also planning for some future projects.  Now I just need a few more hours in the day to spend on it all.

What were the photos I took this week I keep all my images on my Flickr account, which you can dip into at any time to see my progress.

What was my favourite image of the week and why?

I had such a good weekend exploring waves, that my favourite image has to be one of those selected from my epic day of shooting yesterday.  I could have picked a number of images, I chose something that was a little different, with some different processing applied to it on the phone, so it was a bit ‘edgy’.  It was such a fun afternoon, this has to be my favourite for the week.

365 Project – Week 8

Into the 50’s for the project this week and the completion of the second month, and I have found that the garden and floral theme has taken over during the week, with coastal influences featuring on the weekends.  I am finding myself trying to take different paths on the way into work, to try and see different things.  I even took a tumble in the interests of a great photo, one that didn’t even make the cut for the day (well it was a small step from the sidewalk, and I was focused on the plant…). 

What has worked well this week

It amazes me that most days, I have more than one image to choose from, which is hopefully a sign that I am ‘getting into the groove’.  I think I have only had one day on the whole project, where I only took one image, and luckily that was one that I was happy with.  This week I took a particular image (slightly different versions) 3 times during the week and finally used it on the third day.

I am still being drawn to the details, I expect that is because I am primarily using the IPhone for most of my images, but I am keen to look at doing some more landscape images with the camera.  I managed a couple of different images this week as well, including one through the bus window that worked better than expected. Plenty of days still to come to incorporate some variety.

What were the photos I took this week I keep all my images on my Flickr account, which you can dip into at any time to see my progress.

What was my favourite image of the week and why?

I am finding it harder to pick a favourite, just because of the variety I think, but I have settled on this one, that I found today.

I went to my Saturday beach location and although I had plenty of waves and patterns in the rocks to play with, the first thing that caught my eye when I got to the area was the beautiful patterns in the rock-swimming pool.  I am always fascinated by pools that are next to the ocean and this was my more abstract capture of the local one.

365 project – Week 7

This week I have realised how much I am enjoying ‘macro photography’, with the need to search out the different within the familiar, taking me to the bark of trees and the middle of flowers.  I am really enjoying seeing these little details in the day-to-day paths I tread. 

I think this 365 project has steered me slowly in this direction, with the two photography trips I have done this year providing me the energy and the motivation to seek further, push the boundaries and be creative.  I am even now contemplating whether to purchase a ‘macro’ lens for my Olympus mirrorless, which given I haven’t purchased a new lens in over 4 years seems perfectly reasonable to me!

What has worked well this week
As mentioned, the details have captured my eye.  The iPhone is a fabulous tool for getting in close without attracting too much attention, although the workers passing me by as I shot the trunk of a tree outside my office were probably wondering what the heck I was doing.

I think this next week, I will need to go wider, just so I don’t become too fixated, hopefully will add a few more lunch-time walks to the project for a bit of variety.

What were the photos I took this week
I keep all my images on my Flickr account, which you can dip into at any time to see my progress.

 What was my favourite image of the week and why?
Has to be this one!  I didn’t even properly see the potential here, until after I had taken it, when the lines and textures just jumped out at me. I kind of wished I had my real camera to try and capture it in a higher resolution to see what I could do with it in the editing suite. 

Tomorrow will be Day 50, how exciting to make it to that magic number, just need to keep moving forward.